Best time to visit the largest adventure animal park in Europe

SAMSUNG CSCWith an area of of 160 hectares, Tierpark Berlin is home for more than 9000 exotic animals, has plenty of differently landscaped vegetation and allot of ground to cover, which makes it the perfect pastime for spring and summer days in Berlin.

The Tierpark Berlin is one of the two zoos located in the German capital and it was founded in 1955, as an eastern counterpart of Berlin Zoological Garden (situated in west Berlin), which has been around since 1844 and has an area of 35 hectares. Located  on the former grounds of Friedrichsfelde Palace, which is still situated within the zoo (and can be visited), Tierpark calls itself the largest adventure animal park in Europe and there are a few ways to spend your day there.

Since it’s so big, the park has an electric train, which offers 4 km rides every 40 minutes free of charge. There are several areas where you can sit on the grass, there is a pretty large forest playground, a water playground and a petting zoo; there are a few places to eat, drink and rest (like snack bars or terrace cafes). One can rent a wheelchair or a handcart at the two entrances. (Handcarts seem to be mainly for carrying children around and sometimes bags.) You can visit on your own or choose a guided session (available also for families or groups of children). Feeding times are displayed for some animals at their enclosures or on the zoo’s website and sometimes they are accompanied by small shows, so you can plan your visit according to them. You can also pay a ‘little’ extra (80 euros per group of 4-5 people) to get close or feed some animals (elephants, moose, giraffes, penguins, lemurs or giant tortoises).

Since it was built on the grounds of a palace, the park has also beautiful gardens and nicely landscaped areas were you can just relax and enjoy the nice weather. The entry fee is 13 EUR for adults and 6.5 EUR for children from 4 to 15 years old.


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