Berlin Cathedral – the most impressive place of worship in Berlin

© Ioana NituBerlin Cathedral, also known as Berliner Dom, is the biggest and most impressive place of worship in the German Capital and it is located on an island on the river Spree, in the center of the city. The current building (because there were 3 others on the same site) dates back to 1905 and it was constructed in a Neo-Renaissance style. It is over 100 meters high and is dominated by a monumental dome with a lantern on top and flanked by four towers.

The church is known as a cathedral, but actually it has the status of a parish church, serving the Protestant community in Berlin and the surrounding areas, according to It was the court church to the Hohenzollern dynasty (the members of which became rulers of Prussia and German Emperors). It is open to church-goers and visitors at the same time. The inside is at least as impressive as the outside. It incorporates a museum with information and artifacts about its history and guided audio-tours. Visitors can go up to the main dome and admire the view from the terrace.


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